12 steps to overcome your emotional blockages

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Emotions are an inseparable companion on life's journey at every moment. Of course, there is no way to escape it. Yet many of us don't want to face it. We have all experienced times when we have buried an injury or pain instead of facing it. But how do repressed emotions transl

Emotions are an inseparable companion on life's journey at every moment. Of course, there is no way to escape it. Yet many of us don't want to face it. We have all experienced times when we have buried an injury or pain instead of facing it. But how do repressed emotions translate into thoughts?

It turns into negative patterns that make no logical sense and yet have a stronghold on us. We experience emotional blockages in all kinds of ways: sadness, anxiety, addictions, unproductive obsessions, unwanted compulsions, repetitive self-sabotaging behaviors, physical disturbances, boredom, and various angry, dark, and restless moods. If you don't deal with the repressed emotions, you will get stuck in many limiting beliefs, and you will be unable to heal.

Blockages and emotional triggers can prevent you from seizing opportunities, creating fulfilling relationships, feeling connected to yourself and others, and ultimately, preventing you from realizing your true potential.


“If today you do not have the life you want, it is because there is fear preventing you from taking action. ”

- Anthony Robbins


You may believe that the pain is long gone, but it has only moved from the conscious to the subconscious, where it has gained more power over your behavior. Your ego knows all of your pent-up emotions and uses them against you. Whenever you choose not to heal them, you are allowing the ego to project your wounds into your present and future through unloving beliefs about you.


In love we have observed if our partner is upset with us sharing good morning images, romantic phrases and I love you images really work to rebuild the trust in the same way there are 12 tips to overcome your emotional blockages:


What helps relieve this distress? What helps a person to heal? Here are 12 tips to overcome your emotional blockages:

  1. Dance, jump, run, move.  Unhealed wounds are stuck in our bodies. The movement, therefore, releases these energy blockages in your body. Whenever it seems difficult for you to connect with your emotions, move your body.
  2. Turn off anxiety.  Rampant anxiety destroys our balance, colors our mood, and makes all the already difficult tasks in life even more difficult. There are many anxiety management strategies you could try - breathing techniques, cognitive techniques, relaxation techniques, etc.
  3. Feel your emotions fully.  You can take your emotionality as an advantage to fully feel your emotions. The most effective way to get rid of negative emotions is to feel them, accept them and release them. So stay with your feelings for a while, don't judge or think about how you feel. Just be present. Whenever you feel down, say to yourself out loud, “I feel xxx because I chose to feel it that way.” But I am ready to give up now ”. This simple sentence reconnects the neurons in your brain.
  4. Write down your emotions.  This is an old technique, but very effective. Write down whatever comes to mind for about 15 minutes. At first, you might think there is no point and that you just write stupid things. But, after a few minutes, you will come to the heart of limiting belief. This will allow you to become aware of your blockage and better understand your emotions.
  5. Detach yourself from your past.  We can exorcise the past by not playing the game of our human tendency to indulge in it. We have to go ahead and think about it. If you have an attachment to misery, you will feel miserable. As best you can and with a real will to change, forget the past!
  6. Be yourself. This means: asking for what you want, setting limits, having your own beliefs and opinions, standing up for your values, wearing the clothes you want to wear, eating the food you want to eat, saying the things you want to say, and a hundred other ways be you and not some small or fake.
  7. Reinvent yourself. You come with attributes and abilities and inclinations and you are molded into a certain environment. But at some point, you have to decide who you want to be. Decide to become a person who will experience less emotional distress: a calmer person, a less critical person, a less selfish person, a more productive person, a less self-sabotaging person, etc. It needs time to Reinvent yourself so do it every day make a schedule using the days between dates calculator. 
  8. Create meaning in your life. We can find much more meaning in our life if we stop looking for it, as if it is lost or as if it is a quest. We have the power to influence the meaning of our life and even to create it.
  9. Love and be loved. A part of you demands solitude, time alone, and a certain individualism. But that's not the whole story of your life. We feel happier and we consider that life has more meaning if we love and if we allow ourselves to be loved.
  1. Master your mind. Nothing causes more emotional distress than the thoughts we entertain. We need to do better than usual to identify thoughts that are not useful to us, challenge them and demand that they go away, and substitute more useful thoughts for them.
  2. Improve your personality.  You may not be who you want to be. Pick a trait in your personality that you would like to improve and ask yourself what thoughts align with that trait in your personality. Then take the necessary steps to improve it. This is how you become the person who can reduce your emotional distress.
  3. Face the circumstances.  Many circumstances are totally beyond our control and many are under our control. We can change jobs or careers, we can divorce, we can reduce our calorie intake, we can stand up or shut up, we can do exactly whatever we can do to improve our circumstances. Thanks to these improvements, we feel better emotionally. Emotional healing requires you to take real action in the real world.

All of the tips above help you overcome old wounds so that you can let them go for good. Otherwise, she stays with you until you face it. It's a long process, but you'll see the results as soon as you start. One moment at a time, that's all it takes to transform your life.


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