Yahoo Password Recover: How To Change Yahoo Forgotten Password?

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Yahoo is one of the best email services ever exist in the world. Despite being the most popular and best email service, Yahoo is not free 100% free from frequent errors and technical glitches. Sadly, sometimes users may encounter some serious issues. The most annoying of them are password

Whenever I say that all features of Yahoo are quite simple and straightforward, people doubt me. In response to my statement, most of them ask me a question- how to change Yahoo forgotten password? Well, the truth is the process to change Yahoo forgotten password is quite simple. You don't need anyone to change the password of your Yahoo email account even if you have forgotten. Whenever it comes to change or reset a Yahoo forgotten password, your password recovery email and phone number will come to your great help.  


But, the million-dollar question is - can you change Yahoo mail password without recovery email and password? See, there is no fixed answer to this question. To help you understand how to change Yahoo forgotten password without a recovery number or email, keep on reading this post and educate yourself.  

How to change Yahoo password 2021?

It is important to change your forgotten password before it is too late. Why? Because if you abandon your Yahoo mail account due to confusion over the old password then after 2-3 months, Yahoo will delete your account because of long-standing inactivity. On the other hand, if you really want to stop using Yahoo! mail then you must take a minute to delete your Yahoo account. Discarding the Yahoo email account under the pile of stored data in Yahoo! server is the worst thing that you can do with your account, So, the idea here is to first reset your Yahoo password and delete the account if you wish or continue to use with ease of mind. More information is mentioned in the next section.

How to reset Yahoo password without recovery email?

There are many email service providers. Some are best and some are bad. That's why it is quite normal for many people to have multiple email id. And when one uses multiple email account then the chances are high that he/she will stop using some email ids. That's where the problem comes into the picture. What if you have stopped using your past email id that was associated with your old Yahoo account? Of course, in such a case, it might be a serious problem. Without recovery, the email id the task of changing or resetting the old forgotten password might be really a nightmare. But, you don't need to worry. Why?


Because you have one more option. What best you can do is to change your Yahoo forgotten password with the help of the phone number. Hopefully, you must have got my point. Instead of an email id, you simply can use your registered phone number to clear the verification. These are the steps:


  • Navigate to the Yahoo official site.
  • Select log in from the top right corner.
  • Now enter your Yahoo user id.
  • Then further you have to choose a forgotten password.
  • Now type in your Yahoo recovery phone number.
  • Select verify me to receive a code from the Yahoo server.
  • Now check out your phone number you will get a code.
  • Finally, enter the code in the given file and move ahead.
  • Once you clear the verification, Yahoo will prompt you to the password recovery window.
  • Create your Yahoo password in accordance with Yahoo! mail password guidelines.
  • Never share your Yahoo password with anyone else.


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